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Greenwich Community Garden Update

Comfort Food Community would like to follow-up in response to the feedback we’ve received regarding the closure of the Greenwich Community Garden. As previously stated, CFC’s decision to step away from managing the garden is purely based on our team’s current bandwidth and programmatic needs. Successfully operating this community space to its highest potential requires a great amount of time and energy that our staff and board members cannot give due to the growth of CFC’s programs.

While Comfort Food Community made the decision to not continue garden management, CFC does not own the property where the garden resides, so the final say on the future of the Community Garden must come from the landowner. As responsible landowners, St. Joseph’s Church has issues like liability to consider, as well as a reasonable expectation that whoever is managing the garden keep the space from becoming overgrown and unsightly – a minimum standard that we quite frankly did not meet the last few seasons.

But there is good news! A local 4H group, led by Rachel Clothier, has shared a plan and a vision with St. Joseph’s Church that gives St. Joseph’s Church the confidence to maintain the garden. Rachel and her group are open to hearing from all interested groups or individuals that are interested in supporting this next chapter in the Garden’s life.

Rachel can be reached at or 518-932-3760.

We were not aware of this development at the time of our previous post, but are delighted that the garden will live on with new management and renewed purpose. We are committed to supporting everyone involved through a successful transition.

We apologize for any confusion or disappointment that our original post created, but take that disappointment as a good sign that Rachel and her 4H group will have a lot of help moving forward.

This is a great community and that is what makes community initiatives like this work!

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