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At Comfort Food Community we believe that good food is the key to good health and good health is the key to strong communities.


With your help, Comfort Food Community can continue to fight to end rural food insecurity and support local farmers by recovering even more food and expanding our network of valuable agricultural resources.

Will you invest in the health of your community?

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Your donation helps to end hunger, support local farms,

and build healthy communities throughout our region.

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Donations can be made by cash or check and mailed to:

Comfort Food Community 

PO Box 86

Greenwich, NY 12834

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Thank you for your support!


– How your donation makes a difference –

Every $1 donated equals $9 of purchasing power through the

Regional Food Bank  

$20 provides 10 meals for each family member in a

household of 4 

$100 provides 50 meals for each family member in a

household of 4  

$500 provides enough meals to feed 1 individual for an

entire year

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"Comfort Food Community keeps me from worrying about when my next meal will be. I feel good knowing that I will have enough food to eat each week.


I love the fresh fruits and veggies!"

— Herbie, Pantry Guest

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"My husband and I enjoy eating fresh and healthy food thanks to Comfort Food Community. We've benefited from fruits, veggies, whole grains, low sugar and

low salt goods which are all necessary to maintain my husband's diabetes and heart health, as well as keeping his cancer in remission."

— Yvonne, Community Health

Program Client

All contributions are tax deductible under the Comfort Food Community 501(c)(3).