At Comfort Food Community we believe that good food is the key to good health and good health is the key to strong communities. By donating to CFC you are investing in the health of our community. Your support allows us to nourish those who need it most. 


Together, we will provide access to real, wholesome food; improving health, transforming lives, and building strong, sustainable communities. 


How can you make

an impact?

Every $1 donated equals $9 of purchasing power through the

Regional Food Bank  

$20 provides 10 meals for each family member in a

household of 4 

$100 provides 50 meals for each family member in a

household of 4  

$500 provides enough meals to feed 1 individual for an

entire year

Together, we will transform food and food will transform us.

Fresh Strawberries

Will you join CFC in nourishing 

our community through the

inspirational power of good food?

*All contributions are tax deductible under the Comfort Food Community 501(c)(3).