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At Comfort Food Community we believe that good food is the key to good health and good health is the key to strong communities.


With your help, Comfort Food Community can continue to fight to end rural food insecurity and support local farmers by recovering even more food and expanding our network of valuable agricultural resources.

Will you invest in the health of your community?

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Your donation helps to end rural hunger, support local farms,

and build healthy communities throughout our region.

 Donate Online: 

Click the button below to make a secure online donation. You will receive an e-mail receipt following your transaction.

 Donate by Mail: 

Donations can be made by cash or check and mailed to:

Comfort Food Community 

PO Box 86

Greenwich, NY 12834

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Thank you for your support!


– How your donation makes a difference –

Every $1 donated equals $9 of purchasing power through the

Regional Food Bank  

$20 provides 10 meals for each family member in a

household of 4 

$100 provides 50 meals for each family member in a

household of 4  

$500 provides enough meals to feed 1 individual for an

entire year


“My fiancé and I both work hard. Last month, he had an emergency medical issue that required several nights at the hospital, and we were forced to rely on just my income. Like many young families, we don’t have much savings. What we had, we spent on medical bills and medication. We were in real trouble with almost nothing left to buy food for my two children, pay for gas to get to work, or pay the bills.


Using the pantry allowed us to get through this rough spot.  We could not have done it without their help.  Asking for help isn’t easy, but I don’t know what we’d do without them.”   

— AshleyPantry Guest


"A young woman in Cambridge came to the library to fill a bag with fresh food for her elderly neighbors who were struggling financially, had delicate digestive systems, and could not make it to the library on their own. She reported that Comfort Food Community’s Farm-2-Library program has significantly improved her neighbors’ overall health and well-being."

The program has also drawn a lot of kids and teens to our libraries.  In Argyle, director Faith St. John shared, “I think the kids who come in and get excited to grab a snack are my favorite part of the program. We have story time after our delivery, so they walk out with an apple or a few beans. It is very special.” "

— Erika Freudenberger,

Southern Adirondack Library System

All contributions are tax deductible under the Comfort Food Community 501(c)(3).

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