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Farm-2-Library Program Tackles Food Insecurity Through Open-Access Distribution of Fresh Produce

At Comfort Food Community (CFC), we are committed to addressing food insecurity in our local communities. To achieve this goal, we have established a range of programs and partnerships, each designed to promote access to fresh, locally sourced produce. Farm-2-Library is a relatively new program that has made a significant impact. Serving over 14,000 people and distributing 45,000 pounds of food in 2022, this program is a true game-changer.

Farm-2-Library is a collaborative project between CFC and the Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS). According to Executive Director Amie Collins, the key to its success lies in leveraging existing community resources. As Collins says, "We wanted to make healthy food options more accessible in places where people are already visiting. The Farm-2-Library program takes advantage of these existing gathering spots in local communities."

We are proud to report that Farm-2-Library has recently been recognized by Library Journal's 2023 Movers & Shakers Change Agents. Schuylerville Library Director Caitlin Johnson was highlighted for her outstanding work in promoting food access through the program. This recognition is a testament to the commitment of our partners in tackling rural hunger and ensuring everyone has access to healthy, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. "Our entire staff at the Schuylerville Public Library is committed to assisting our community and helping to meet their needs," says Johnson. "It is extremely fulfilling work and we greatly appreciate the inexhaustive support of Comfort Food Community."

At CFC, we believe in making healthy food options accessible to everyone, regardless of their means. That's why Farm-2-Library is an open-access program, meaning that anyone can walk into these participating libraries and walk out with fresh produce, completely free of charge. As Amie Collins explains, "Farm-2-Library is unique in that there is no barrier to entry. There's no need to provide any proof of need. This approach removes the stigma associated with asking for help and when accessing the program."

Visit our website for a full list of participating libraries and to learn more about how to volunteer and donate to support the Farm-2-Library program.

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