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Comfort Food Community Bids Farewell to Community Garden

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Comfort Food Community has determined that the Greenwich Community Garden is no longer a space and a program that is in our best interest to continue. As CFC has grown and developed, we now see that our highest purpose as an organization is sourcing and distributing good, nutritious food throughout Washington, Warren, and Saratoga Counties.

While the growing, education, and socializing that happened at the garden over the years was important and rewarding, CFC believes that we can have a greater impact in the communities that they serve if the time, energy, and resources that have been going to the garden are directed towards our other programs.

Comfort Food Community would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to

St. Joseph’s Roman Church for the trust, patience, and partnership that they have provided CFC over the past seven seasons. At its height, the garden provided a space for kids and the community to learn more about growing and eating nutritious foods, for gardeners to meet new people in their community, and for additional food to be grown for CFC’s Food Pantries.

The CFC team is committed to supporting St. Joseph’s in decommissioning the garden and converting it back to lawn. This will begin on Tuesday, April 12th at 9AM.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns related to the garden’s wind down. CFC Executive Director, Devin Bulger, can be contacted at: 518-538-3522 or

Thank you to all who have supported and enjoyed the Community Garden over the years.

We look forward to working together again, soon!

Download the full press release:

Community Garden Farwell_press release_4.11.22
Download PDF • 105KB

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