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Through our food pantry and student nutrition programs we strive to provide as much fresh and healthy food as possible. Our most recent calculation showed that a family of 4 can save up to $165 per week by “shopping” at the pantry!

Our food pantries are 'client choice' allowing guests to choose from a wide selection of goods such as meat, dairy, eggs, grains, fresh produce and personal hygiene essentials.

food recovery

The Fresh Food Collective was formed to solve two problems we face in America:

food waste and hunger. We recover produce that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to those in need through partnerships with local farms, senior centers, libraries, non-profits, churches, and businesses. 


In a country of such abundance, everyone should have access to

Real. Fresh. Food.

FOOD as health

At CFC we believe that good food is the key to good health and good health is the key to strong communities. In 2019, we developed our first clinically based food as medicine program in collaboration with area healthcare providers.


Our focus on community health also includes 'Edible Education', a program offering cooking classes for children and adults.


Harvest Campaign 

Comfort Food Community believes that good food is the key to good health and that good health is the key to strong communities.

CFC is committed to maintaining all of our current programs in the face of expanded need. We are committed to continuing to respond to new challenges as they arise. We are committed to being there for our community by providing consistent access to good healthy food - to our seniors, our students, our families – to anyone in need in our community.

The key to getting through these difficult days is coming together to find some certainty as we create a path to recovery.


 We need your help! 

Together, we will transform food and food will transform us.

Fresh Runner Beans


Will you join us in nourishing our community through the power of good food? Together, we can create strong, healthy communities for a brighter tomorrow.

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