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History of CFC

When everyone eats, all are nourished.

The Greenwich Food Pantry has been in existence since 1986. Until March 2014, it was operated by the Emergency Relief Committee, an informal group of volunteers in Greenwich, NY. Starting in January 2014, a number of Greenwich residents met to plan the formation of a non-profit organization that would take over responsibility for running the Greenwich Food Pantry as well as develop other food-related programs intended to reduce food insecurity in the community.

The immediate goals were to find a new and larger, more accessible and efficient location for the food pantry; become a member of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York; bring a backpack program into the Greenwich School District providing weekend meals for low-income students, and participate in the Greenwich Community Garden so that fresh produce could be available at the pantry. At the inception of Comfort Food Community, the long-term vision was to create a Food Center in Greenwich that would combine the pantry with educational programs relating to food and nutrition, cooking facilities, meeting space, and opportunities for local food-related businesses, including farms to work together and thrive.

Comfort Food of Washington County, Inc. was incorporated in February 2014 and granted tax-exempt status in July 2014. It became a member of the Regional Food Bank of NENY in September 2014 and moved on September 17, 2014, to a new location in the St. Joseph’s Parish Hall on Hill Street in Greenwich under a Building Use Agreement with St. Joseph’s Church. The YES! Backpack Program and the Greenwich Community Garden were two of the first programs that CFC set out to achieve. A full-time Director of Community Programs became the first staff member to the organization, reporting to the thirteen Directors on the governing board.

After nearly five years at their home in St. Joes’s Hall, CFC made the move to a space of their own. In July 2019 they opened the doors to the Comfort Food Community Food Center located at 2530 Route 40 in Greenwich. The mission of the Food Center is to leverage the community’s physical and social resources to eliminate food insecurity. This is accomplished by providing a safe and welcoming space where individuals, families, farms, schools, social agencies, and local businesses can come together to share knowledge, build skills, and enjoy good food.

In this space, we strive to cross socio-economic boundaries welcoming all members of our community to participate as their needs and interests warrant. The Food Center currently offers three weekly pantry services, culinary classes and cooking demonstrations, child and adult literacy opportunities, as well as community dinners and gatherings.

As of January 2022, Comfort Food Community has 8 full-time staff members, a highly active board of directors, and a large group of dedicated volunteers.

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