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Sileata spent the majority of her childhood in Virginia Beach, VA. Her sophomore year of high school, Sileata and her family moved to Upstate New York where she completed her remaining years and graduated from Cambridge Central School. Upon graduation, Sileata moved to Louisiana where she assisted in the management of a deli/bakery and her love of decorating cakes began. A short time later she returned to New York where she worked in both the circulation and advertising departments at a nearby newspaper. After a few years she took a position with a publishing company where she managed direct marketing and was exposed to business finance. During this time, her mother purchased a health and fitness center and Sileata decided to make a bold move and assist her mom in the daily operations of the business and also became a fitness coach.

In 2006, Sileata decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers and enrolled in Cosmetology school while continuing to work at her mom’s business. After a year and a half, Sileata graduated from Cosmetology school and obtained her NYS Cosmetology License which she still maintains today. Sileata took a position at a salon in Latham NY where she was a stylist and receptionist. After a year, Sileata decided that Cosmetology was more of a hobby for her than a career and was offered a position as Office Manager for a small construction company in Hoosick, NY. Over the next several years, Sileata settled in Greenwich with her partner and moved on from the construction industry. She held positions as both a Clerk and Office Manager before feeling the strain of COVID-19 and making the decision to stay home and help her daughters navigate through the changes and challenges.

As a new member of the CFC family, Sileata is excited to be part of their mission. She enjoys working with people and is looking forward to sharing her experience and knowledge for the benefit of her community. Outside of work, Sileata enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, crafting, cake decorating and cleaning.

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