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Welcome, Laura Marx!

Comfort Food Community is excited to introduce Laura Marx as our new Executive Director! Laura is a dynamic, versatile, and compassionate nonprofit leader experienced in growing and strengthening organizations while remaining aligned with mission, passion, and purpose.

CFC Board President, Robert Wright, expresses excitement about Laura’s new role at CFC: “We are eager to continue providing essential food aid to our communities, strengthening our food-access efforts, and striving to end rural hunger under Laura’s leadership.”

Laura holds a master’s degree in psychology along with 26+ years of diversified experience, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to nonprofit management and leadership. She is passionate about bringing equitable opportunities and access to under-resourced communities.

“Once I learned about the inspiring work of Comfort Food Community and its impact on people and the community, I was immediately drawn to the mission,” explains Laura.  “The values of the organization strongly align with my own. I believe all people should have equitable access to resources and it should be provided in a way that empowers people to make decisions that are best for them and their families. That is exactly what Comfort Food Community does.”

Laura resides in East Greenbush, NY with her husband, three children, and her fur baby. To learn more about Laura, you can read her 2022 Times Union highlight or follow her on LinkedIn. Be sure to keep up with Comfort Food Community on Facebook and Instagram to how we flourish during this new phase!

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