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NYS Farm to School with Comfort Food Community

Over the past two months, Comfort Food Community has begun serving 12 school districts across Washington, Warren, and Saratoga Counties – with more on deck! With the additional space offered by the Food & Farm Hub, CFC works to coordinate, aggregate, and distribute products to school districts in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Headwater Food Hub.

Importantly, CFC seeks to address the many challenges facing schools: ordering from local producers, storing large quantities of product with limited space, and meeting ordering minimums from distributors. By coordinating with schools, CFC hopes to help schools offer a wider variety of products to their students and help students experience the importance of NY state products.

As part of the larger campaign against child hunger, New York State’s 30% Initiative offers financial incentives and direct reimbursement for school districts who source and offer 30% of their lunch ingredients. Accessing local products on a regular basis has been a consistent problem for many of our schools achieving this goal.

In 2023, CFC plans to will broaden the available products and begin offering fresh products to schools in the area. Additionally, our partnerships with regional producers will allow the mutual benefits across the board.

Learn more about New York State Farm to School – click here!

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