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Friday Veggie Van Distribution to Resume July 10th

This year’s mobile produce distribution season will take place every Friday through November 6th, 2020.

CFC is currently seeking volunteers for our Friday Veggie Van Runs beginning Friday, July 10th.

This volunteer shift requires availability on the day of sign-up from approximately 9:30 am until 2:30 pm. You will be accompanied by a CFC staff person, and will be responsible for distributing produce to individuals at four different stops between Hudson Falls/Ft. Edward, Whitehall, and Granville. These stops include the Kingsbury Senior Center, Earl Towers, Skenesborough Harbor, and Mountain View Commons.

Shift responsibilities and details:

  • The start and end are at the red barn behind the ASA building in Greenwich, located at 2531 NY-40. You can pull into the driveway for Battenkill Community Services (2549 NY-40) and take a left to loop around to the BACK of the red barn. We will either have our van packed or assist in packing with the volunteers according to the way they’d like to organize it.

  • Set up at the distribution sites involves putting up two plastic folding tables, displaying boxes/bins of 5 different produce items and assisting guests with information about the items should they require it. Guests are encouraged to bring their own bags but we can provide them if needed.

  • One person will need to check-in each guest and record their attendance on a printed sheet that will be provided by our partner at Washington County LEAP in Fort Edward. Each stop lasts for 20 minutes and breakdown and packing are very quick and easy. The day is pleasant and fun!

COVID-19 Protocol:

This year we will be doing the actual food distribution a little differently, following safe social distancing practices as much as possible, and wearing masks. We will list off the produce that we have, one by one, and have people raise hands if they want that specific item. The volunteer and/or staff member will be wearing gloves and a mask, and will then place that item in each person’s bag. 

How to Register

If you are interested in volunteering please sign-up via Volunteer Hub here.

You can register for your shift/s of choice by selecting the dates you are available from the list provided. You must sign-up for each shift individually.

Please sign-up for shift/s that you are certain you can attend. If you have to cancel your shift please do so with as much notice as possible. Thank you!

Questions? Reach out to Mary Beranek at

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