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Community Dinner at the Food Center saw over 100 guests!

On Friday, January 24th we hosted our first Community Dinner at the Food Center in partnership with Cargill. We were thrilled by the outcome of the event- over 100 people served with donations totaling over $1,500!

We would like to give a special thank you to Cargill for helping us make this event such a great success. From sourcing fresh vegetables donated by local farms to bringing an awesome crew of volunteers to serve dinner they went above and beyond to ensure that we had everything we needed to host a memorable evening. 

Battenkill Community Services did a stellar job in the kitchen. Their talented culinary crew really knows how to whip up a tasty and nourishing meal!

Last, but certainly not least, Cargill generously offered to match the total amount of donations collected at our event. Their contribution will go directly to future programming at CFC allowing us to continue offering events, educational classes and resources in our community and beyond. 

Thank you to all involved! We look forward to gathering again in the future!

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