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A Record Setting GHTB Coin Drop!

CFC is thrilled to announce that our Coin Drop for Give Hunger the Boot was an OUTSTANDING success! With the help of the Cossayuna Volunteer Fire Department, Middle Falls Fire Department, Greenwich Fire 12834 Public, and our dedicated volunteers, we raised a grand total of $7,260.80!

This record-setting event was made possible by the incredibly generous support of each and every passerby on Main Street in Greenwich. We are still in awe of how amazing this community is and what we accomplished in just 6 hours time! It was certainly a memorable day for all involved.

The funds raised by CFC's Coin Drop benefit our fundraising campaign, Give Hunger the Boot, and our goal of raising $20,000.

Thanks to our community we are one step closer to making this goal a reality!

At Comfort Food Community we work to end hunger, support local farms, and build healthy communities.

THANK YOU for supporting our

mission and vision for the future!

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