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The Lukey Kaempfer Children’s Fund supports CFC programs aimed at helping children.

This fund supports meals for students, children's cooking classes, an annual scholarship, and the food pantry.

The fund was established by by Veronique de La Bruyere to honor Lukey Kaempher who passed away unexpectedly in 2016 at the young age of 26.

About Lukey Kaempher

Lukey was from a large family and was very close to his many cousins. He had a wide circle of friends, and where he led, others followed. He was always the first to do things: learn to swim, ride a bike, jump off a cliff, ask a girl out on a date, or discover a cool new band or song. He was so outgoing and eager to see the world, keeping him in school was a challenge. Nonetheless, he made a strong impression on his teachers and peers; his high school history teacher remembers his “wit, wry sense of humor, and whip-smart intelligence.”

Lukey had many great qualities that his friends and family miss. The one quality that all his friends agree set him apart was what a good and loyal friend he was, always putting other’s happiness before his, and what an indelible impact his personality and friendship had on their lives. Lukey was lovable and he loved– his family, his friends, animals, the world, the Washington Redskins, and his beloved Chelsea FC soccer team. He will always be remembered for his passion for life, generosity of spirit, and kindness. The Lukey Kaemfper Children’s Fund is a fitting tribute to Lukey’s spirit and memory, allowing him to continue to influence the world in positive ways.

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