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Like the tagline from her favorite podcast, Amie believes that “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Amie is serving as executive director with this sentiment and is in admiration of the high-quality and dedicated staff at CFC.

For the past two decades, Amie has managed organizations, from a state-wide AmeriCorps program to a small, then not-so-small agricultural-based business. As a consultant, she has led rural communities through strategic analyses and planning processes as they seek attainable housing, economic prosperity, or increased broadband access. And as former marketing manager for one of the largest beekeeping supply companies in the country, she brings to CFC a small business and entrepreneurial background that helps ground its mission-based work within the realities of doing business.

Amie has a master’s degree in community and regional planning and nonprofit management from the University of Oregon. For the past half dozen years she’s lived in Greenwich and, with mixed results, is fixing up her circa 1844 house.

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