Originally from Eastern Massachusetts, Zach is beyond thrilled to be working and farming in New York’s best county. After graduating from Bates College up in Lewiston, ME, Zach worked various jobs, mostly doing marketing in a few different start-ups in the Boston Area. While the work kept him busy, it did not feel like meaningful work. Zach is a self-styled Nature Boy ™, and, after a lot of soul searching, he began his journey into agriculture. 

Over the course of the last seven years, Zach has started his own farms, worked on farms of various scales and growing various crops, and worked on various sides of the agricultural economy. His main experience has been in organic vegetable production. He’s incredibly excited to bring his own farming experiences to his role as Food Recovery Manager, to help other farmers get their crops into the homes and stomachs of their neighbors in need. 

Zach, along with his family, recently moved to Greenwich, NY and started

Ox Hill Farm. The farm will focus on growing woody perennials, with an emphasis on nuts such as chestnuts and hazelnuts. The name of the farm comes from Zach’s preferred power source: oxen. He has been working with oxen for the last few years and he currently has a team of American Milking Devons, Eddie & Dylan, and a Guernsey team-in-training, Bernie & Brooks. 


When not at CFC or farming, Zach enjoys consuming all sorts of film, tv, and books; hiking, backpacking, and camping; and getting far too invested in far too many table top games (role playing games, board games, and miniatures games).