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Why Volunteer Hub:

  • It creates a centralized schedule that is accessible to volunteers and managers, so that we know who is signed up for which shifts and if there are any holes that we need to fill.

  • It is updated in real time. Rather than relying on paper calendars or white boards, a web based program makes updates in real time so everyone stays on the same page

  • It allows us to communicate with volunteers better. Volunteer Hub lets us e-mail, text, and post messages on the site itself. We can communicate with every volunteer or on volunteers on a particular shift.

  • It allows us to track volunteer hours. One of the most important statistics for Non-Profits to track is volunteer hours. Grants, Foundations, Donors always ask for data that demonstrates volunteer support. It is a gauge on how widely the community supports the organization’s efforts and a measure of how much paid staff time is saved through volunteer engagement. By signing up for shifts in Volunteer Hub, your hours are recorded and CFC Staff can create robust reports in just one click.

Registration & Sign-in Process

New Volunteers

  • Create an account with Volunteer Hub. A notification will be sent to CFC Staff informing them of a new volunteer registration along with all of the registration information.

  • A CFC Staff person will reach out to schedule your orientation. We require that all new volunteers attend an initial orientation. Orientations are scheduled on a rolling basis at a time that is convenient for the volunteer and the staff member. Orientations are about an hour long and cover policy, procedures and the volunteer opportunities available through Comfort Food. We get to know more about you and you get to know more about us!

  • Start signing-up for shifts! Once you have attended orientation, your Volunteer Hub account will receive permission to begin signing up for volunteer activities. Check out the schedule, make a selection, and start getting involved.


Notes & Tips for Successful Sign-up

  • You are one of many volunteers. Keeping this in mind is important. Your support is critical and we appreciate every minute your are willing to dedicate to our mission. However, there are a lot of volunteers that also want be involved. In order to make room and allow everyone a chance to be involved, we all need to remain flexible and open-minded.

  • For recurring volunteer activities, right now, our policy is to make those sign-ups available for the entire year. If you know that you want to work a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) this gives you the flexibility to schedule out as far into the future as you would like. (note: we may reach a point where we limit how far into the future we schedule shifts so that new volunteers have an opportunity to sign up for shifts.)

  • If you struggle with technology, CFC staff members are here to help. As administrators, we can access your account and manually sign you up for shifts. In this scenario, you and your volunteer coordinator would decide on which shifts you are going to sign up for. The manager signs you up for those shifts. The volunteer then has the responsibility for notifying their manager about any scheduled shift that they cannot make. This allows the manager to cancel the shift, making a slot available that another volunteer can now fill to ensure we maintain full coverage.

  • Bookmark the CFC Sign-up Page on your computer. Bookmarks are a great way to create shortcuts to all of your favorite web pages. Why not make the CFC Volunteer Hub sign-in page one of those? Here is a helpful “how-to” from Wiki How

  • Bookmark the CFC Sign-up Page on your phone. There are a few different options for creating shortcuts on your phone.

    • Browser Book Mark – these are just like the book marks on your computer browser, just stored in a separate folder in your phones browser.

    • Home Page Book Mark – this creates an icon, which is just a link to the web page, and places it on your phone’s home screen. Just like an app icon, you can press and hold it to move its location or add it to a folder. It basically turns Volunteer Hub into an app since the web page itself is mobile responsive, meaning that is automatically resizes to fit smaller screens.

  • If you run into any road blocks or issues with sign-up, let us know! We are here to help. As page administrators, we can re-set your password, update information, cancel shifts, sign you up for shifts. The more you are able to do on your own, the more seamless the process works, but we want to make it as easy for you to volunteer with us as possible.

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