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Mighty Meal Members


With every $10 donated, Comfort Food Community has the ability

to provide 5 meals for someone in need


Through our purchasing power at the Regional Food Bank of NENY and Fresh Food Recovery efforts,

CFC can leverage every dollar donated to make healthy, real food accessible to those in our community. 

 Have a seat at our table! 

Comfort Food Community's Mighty Meal Members are a group of passionate and determined monthly givers who are committed to providing food access to those who need it most.

With every $2 donated, CFC can ensure that one meal will make its way

to an empty table in our community.


Imagine the impact YOU could have by donating $2 a day, $60 a month.

Your monthly contribution would provide 30 meals every month for someone who would

otherwise go without. That's 360 meals a year!

Every dollar makes a difference!

For every 10 people who commit to donating just $10 a month, together, we can provide

60 more meals that bring nourishment and comfort to those in our community. 

The power of your gift is far greater than a meal.

Your commitment as a Mighty Meal Member does not only help CFC to end hunger.

This commitment fuels our local food economy by supporting local farmers, reduces food waste by growing our food recovery efforts, and empowers individuals to live healthier, happier lives. 


We must work together towards our mission!

Nourishing our community through the inspirational power of good food.

Your monthly contribution allows for opportunity to create real, sustainable change in our local food system and beyond. 

Together, we are ending hunger, supporting local farms, and building healthy communities.

Join Comfort Food Community as a Mighty Meal Member TODAY!

Let's Get Started!
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