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Originally from Southern Connecticut, Marisa is excited to be making life and home in Washington County. After graduating from Reed College in Portland, OR with a degree in Studio Art, Marisa worked as an assistant to the director of an arts non-profit organization before road tripping across the country to return to the east coast. Back east, Marisa split her time between working for a local artist and growing food on several organic farms on the Massachusetts/ Rhode Island border and began growing her own diversified vegetables on rented land. In 2019, she relocated to the lower Hudson Valley to do this work full-time on an incubator farm. From this fertile ground sprung forth a path into the intersections of food, the environment, wellness, and social justice. 


Across her various work experiences, she has discovered a deep sense of purpose in providing healthy food to others, especially to marginalized communities. As a Community Health Worker at CFC, Marisa is embracing the opportunity to resource our most vulnerable community members with food-based skills and connections to social services in the region. Through her journey managing a chronic migraine condition, Marisa has learned firsthand that healing our bodies, society, and the land is deeply intertwined with our food system.  


In November 2021, Marisa and her partner moved to Argyle and are slowly transitioning a former cattle farm into a diversified land project where they will grow seeds, perennials, organic vegetables, and eventually fiber sheep. She is embracing the break from full-time farming to chart her path into community health. 


Outside of CFC, Marisa is an artist in a variety of paper-based media. She loves foraging, herbalism, reading, podcasts, embodiment, our non-human kin, casual witchery and frolicking in the uncultivated landscapes of the region. 

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