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Joanna grew up and attended college in the Southern Tier of New York State. Her meandering path has included stints in light manufacturing, grocery, vegan cooking and, with the most fervor, as a farm hand on various farms in Saratoga, Rensselaer and Washington counties. A passion for food and people has directed both her personal and professional endeavors.


Since 2011, Joanna and her husband have been slowly building their own small homestead in Washington county where she has set roots, trying her hand at growing food and raising poultry on a small scale. She is also focused on exploring techniques of ‘keeping the harvest’ well past the flush seasons.


She now joins the Fresh Food Collective as a Food Recovery Assistant, bringing her varied experience and energy to this branch of Comfort Food Community. She looks forward to working with farms in this new capacity and hopes to continue the connections between agriculture and community that CFC has worked so hard to establish.


When not in the gardens, Joanna enjoys time with her family and friends, cooking, weaving, crafting, reading, bird watching, swimming, running, and listening to music. 

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