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Comfort Food Community is excited to announce that we have purchased the former ToyWorks building located at 101 Fiddlers Elbow Road in Greenwich, NY!


Thanks to funds received from The Maurice Sendak Foundation and other anonymous donors, CFC can continue our work to end hunger, support local farms, and build healthy communities. While we have been fortunate to have had the resources to meet current challenges, the space at Fiddler’s Elbow Road will allow for the expansion and development of programs like the Fresh Food Collective, Farm-2-Library and Student Nutrition programs. 


CFC would like to extend our appreciation to the foundation and other anonymous donors for this generous offering of support towards the mission and vision at Comfort Food Community. As this new development continues to unfold, we will remain committed to this important work while staying true to our founding mission:

“To contribute to the health of our community through the inspirational power of good food”. 

What is a 'Food Hub'?

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