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Emily’s educational history spans a plethora of topics, from social sciences and biology to genetics and zoology.  Discovering she loves working with people above all else, she focused in on psychology (and literature!) at SUNY Albany where her career path transformed and she came into her own.  A current graduate student in Social Work at Capella University, Emily’s goal in life is to help as many people as she can, leaving a lasting impact of positivity and happiness: all while staying true to herself, meeting people from all walks of life, and exploring with the occasional adventure. 

During her time as a Mental Health Worker at Four Winds, she loved working closely with adolescents: as a bright and bubbly social butterfly, Emily thrived teaching hands-on life skills and creating genuine connections.  Here at CFC, Emily continues to care for others; she strives to aid people in leading happy lives through healthy food.  She works closely with the community to ensure everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy, and that those in need receive care.

Outside of work, Emily still loves literature: whether she’s reading manga, writing poetry, or anything in between.  She also enjoys long boarding, video games, tattoos, the color pink, and playing with her blind cat, Midnight.

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