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Edible Education offers cooking classes and workshops to all members of our community regardless of socio-economic status, background and level of culinary knowledge. The program seeks to make food education attainable to all by eliminating the barriers that discourage or exclude those who face food insecurity.

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Green Apples

At Comfort Food Community we believe that having access to healthy food goes hand in hand with having access to food education.

With a specific focus on our local youth, Edible Education creates opportunities for children to grow in the kitchen. Through hands-on learning and skill building students are encouraged to take ownership of what they cook and pride in the food that they choose to eat. 


The program also offers opportunities for adults through skill-based and ingredient-focused workshops. Lead by volunteer instructors, classes are small and intimate giving all individuals the chance to participate.

Students have the opportunity to:

Learn basic cooking skills that allow for confidence in the kitchen

Taste new and unfamiliar produce without expectation or judgement

Access simple and healthy recipes that can be

re-created at home

Develop the independence and ability to make healthier choices 


Community Partnership

CFC has collaborated with local organizations including Greenwich Free Library, Schuylerville Public Library,

 and the Greenwich Youth Center.These partnerships have contributed to the success of the program and have been rewarding for all involved.

CFC welcomes new partnerships and volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about Edible Education please contact:

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