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Devin is a 2004 graduate of Greenwich and a 2008 graduate of Loyola University Maryland, with a concentration in Finance.  After graduating, he moved to Denver, CO to participate in a year of service with Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. He remained in Colorado for five years after completing his service year and made several professional stops along the way – as an associate with Matrix Financial Solutions, as a member of the St. Francis Center Street Outreach Team and as a consultant with Future Pointe, a social business start-up in Colorado Springs.

In 2013, these diverse work experiences led him back to his hometown of Greenwich, NY, to work on the Alleged Farm in order to develop a greater understanding of food production.  While working at Alleged Farm, he was introduced to several individuals in the community with a shared interest in using food to improve the health of the community and to help foster stronger relationships between community members.

These conversations quickly developed into a business plan and the formation of Comfort Food Community in January of 2014.  Along with a dedicated Board of Directors, a talented team of staff, a committed core of volunteers and the support of the Greenwich community, Devin has developed Comfort Food Community into an organization that now supports two food pantries, a student nutrition program with Greenwich Central School, the Fresh Food Collective that rescues surplus food from local farms and distributes produce throughout Washington, Warren, and Saratoga counties, as well as community health services throughout the region.

He is committed to serving his community by leveraging the power that food has to increase health and social contact between people.

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