Ashley is a sheep farmer and a grazing activist living in Washington County, NY.  Ashley grew up in central Massachusetts, where she fell in love with agriculture on a fruit and vegetable farm and happily worked for 6 years. After graduating from high school and attending UMASS Amherst studying Environmental Design, Ashley entered various hand-work jobs, cooking, gardening, drafting, and therapeutic massage. It was not until she enrolled in a Beginning Women’s Farm Workshop that taught Holistic Management that she began to think a career agriculture could be possible. Since that workshop Ashley has attended two professional trainings and furthered her experience with Holistic Management. 


Just prior to joining Comfort Food Community (CFC) Ashley was working as a full-time sheep farmer with an off-site grazing business. She also has a long history as a volunteer at Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) and was later employed as a Community Outreach Coordinator.  While working at ASA in 2016, Ashley met Devin and together they began gleaning with volunteers on local farms. This work was so impactful that she never got over the rush of capturing and redistributing food that might have gone to waste.  

Ashley is so happy to be able to join again in the efforts of distributing healthy farm foods to the community and feels supported and inspired by the team of people working to make CFC so amazing!  


Ashley continues to farm part-time and enjoy life with her family in Cambridge, NY.